Interior Decorating Jobs

What kind of interior decorating jobs are out there? What does an interior decorating job entail? What will I need to know to be able to become a professional in this industry? If you want answers to these questions, just read on.

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What types of jobs are out there?

Interior decorating is a large industry where you can find numerous types of employment. You can work as:

  • A writer for a fashion, lifestyle or décor magazine
  • An interior decorating consultant
  • A décor shop sales assistant
  • A retail display co-ordinator
  • A showroom decorator or stylist
  • A freelance interior decorator

Aside from working on a freelance basis, you can also find employment at a large commercial company. There are even jobs available for interior decorators in places such as architecture firms. If you want to retain your creative and professional independence, however, you will probably want to start your own interior decorating business.

To see some of the jobs on offer at the moment, just do an internet search for ‘interior decorating jobs in South Africa’. You will also notice that all the jobs and employment opportunities out there will have different requirements and varying salary levels.

What will an interior decorating job entail?

Here are some things you can expect from working in interior decorating:

  • Working closely with clients
  • Networking with manufacturers, contractors and suppliers
  • Selecting styles, colour palettes and furniture for clients
  • Having to keep up to date with fashion trends
  • Compiling and maintaining schedules and budgets
  • Working with different computer software programmes
  • Offering professional consultations
  • Decorating a location specifically for showcasing
  • Understanding and interpreting client needs and requests
  • Marketing yourself
  • Shopping for and installing accessories and furniture
  • Subcontracting painters and movers

Though you will often be rushed, and be required to work very hard, remember that working in this business is also a lot of fun!

How do I start building a career?

To start a career in interior decorating, you’ll need to acquire expertise, skills and industry knowledge. A good way to get started on this journey is to take one of our courses in interior decorating:

It is our aim to help you succeed in your future. We will provide you with supported learning throughout your studies. We will make sure you fully complete your course and go out into the world with industry-relevant skills.

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