Starting your own interior-decorating business

Here are some great insider tips on starting your own interior decorating business:

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Brush up on your business skills

Aside from being a good decorator, you’ll need to be a businessman (or businesswoman) as well! You’ll need to learn how to create a business plan, manage finances, do taxes, market yourself, and run day-to-day business activities in your office.

You will also need to find out how to register your company, obtain licensing, register for VAT, and acquire business insurance. There are numerous books and internet resources to help you with this.

Start from home

It is important to have a dedicated space for your new business. You don’t need to rent an expensive office space, however. Start small and turn one room in your house into your own private office.

Start gathering supplies and equipment: books, swatches, carpet samples, drawing tools, computer software and everything else you might need.

Start building local networks

Start promoting your business. Network with local real estate agents, décor businesses, architects and home renovators. These professionals will be able to recommend your services to their clients.

You will not only need to start getting clients, but also suppliers. Start building relationships with manufacturers and local shops. Other small businesses are often eager to support you if you support them. Promoting other companies through using their samples and catalogues will often earn you certain business benefits with them.

Go for interior decorating training

It is necessary for you to develop important industry skills and knowledge if you want to become a successful self-employed interior decorator.

The Learning Group offers an array of courses in this direction. These courses will help you develop new interior decorating skills, or help you develop your professional skills even further:

Building your own business is much more difficult than finding an average interior decorating job. Yet there are huge rewards to starting your own company: you create something new, unique, and completely your own.

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