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For people who want to go into interior decorating, the question of salary expectation is often a very important one. Though there are no guarantees of a certain level of income, finding out what factors contribute to salary levels might help you in the future.

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What is the average salary?

In South Africa, the average interior decorator’s salary is around R120 000 a year. Income in this industry usually ranges from R60 000 to R336 077 per annum.

(Source:, 2 February 2014)

It should be taken into account that these numbers are based on a small South Africansample group. In reality, the level of your salary may not necessarily reflect the information above. For more concrete guidance, here are a number of factors that really matter when it comes to your future salary:

What really matters:

There are a number of different types of interior decorating jobs to choose from. Where you work and what capacity you work in will deeply affect your future earnings.

If you work for a formal employer in a décor company, you will most likely receive a moderate to high fixed salary along with your commission. In these companies, seniority, skills and experience greatly influence your pay cheque. As you move up in the ranks, your salary will increase accordingly.

Working in a freelance capacity might be more risky, yet you will be able to keep all the profits to yourself. And while starting your own interior decorating business might be lucrative in the long run, it often takes months or years before you actually turn a good profit.

You might also find yourself working in a totally different kind of job. Using your interior decorating skills and qualifications, you can become a décor or lifestyle magazine writer, or you can work in a boutique furniture store. Each job will pay a unique industry-related salary.

Though there is no way to ensure employment, or employment at a certain salary, taking a good course in interior decorating always increases your chances of success.

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