Interior Decorating and Design

Interior Decorating and Design

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Although the terms interior decorating and interior design are sometimes used interchangeably, these two disciplines are very different.

Interior decorating is generally focused on the selection and presentation of décor styles, furniture, accessories, finishes and room layout within an interior space. Interior decorators work mainly with homeowners, intuiting their clients’ desires and personal tastes in order to develop interior concepts suited to the needs and preferences of each individual.

Interior design, on the other hand, involves manipulating the architectural integrity of an interior space for practical and aesthetic purposes.  Interior designers work with environmental psychology, architecture, product design, and traditional decoration. They are often responsible for designing corporate or commercial interiors.

Each of these Interior Courses can be finished from the comfort of your home via distance learning or online

Interior Decorating Courses

Interior Design Courses

Career Options

Here’s what careers you can explore with an Interior Decor and Design qualification. There are several options:

Interior Designer

Interior Decorator 

Furniture Designer


Last Updated: April 14, 2020

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