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We invite you to browse through the courses offered by The Learning Group and follow the easy links for more information. Many of our courses have been re-modelled to take advantage of the Internet. We can now give our students the same excellent support and tutoring faster and cheaper.

Diploma in Creative Writing

The diploma in creative writing is like a passport to the creative world. It covers subjects relating to the writing of poetry, romance, memoirs and children’s novels. The course also gives you information about the different genres of literature and the components of storytelling. Even if you have mastered the fundamental writing skills, you probably know that the hardest part of being a writer is getting published. The diploma course has a whole section dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams of becoming a published writer!

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Advanced Certificate in Creative Writing

The Advanced Certificate programme helps you to find your inner creativity and teaches you how to use it to write inspiring and compelling stories. The course will also look at language basics, so do not fear if you have forgotten the difference between past tense and simple past tense! You will learn about poetry writing and the beauty of romance novels, as well as how to get your work published.

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Certificate in Creative Writing

The Certificate in Creative Writing concentrates on language basics such as spelling, grammar and editing. It also teaches you the history of storytelling and how to create a piece of writing that is compelling and inspiring. The course also looks at different genres of writing. You can thus explore your creativity by trying out new genres. As a young and aspiring writer, you can also benefit from the section of the course that shows you how to get your work published.

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Short Course Certificate in Language Basics

Spelling and grammar mistakes can ruin even the most well-told story. With the Short Course Certificate in Language Basics, however, these language skills will no longer need to keep your creative mind at bay. The course will cover language basics such as spelling, parts of speech, punctuation, style, editing, and more. It is just what you need to give yourself the confidence to set your imagination free!

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Short Course Certificate in Effective Business English

The Short Course Certificate in Effective Business English concentrates on topics such as verbal and non-verbal communication. The course is structured around subjects that will guide you in using the proper language style during meetings, presentations and in writing. This course is ideal to learn new speaking, listening and reading skills in a business environment. It is a linguistic way to become business savvy!

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Poetry Writing

This course is about the making of a poet – YOU! Writing poetry is a creative and imaginative process but getting it published is a very practical one. Our Poetry Writing Course is a clear and detailed course which will show you how to get your poetry into print.

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Romantic Fiction Writing

Romance novels have always been an extremely popular genre and bookshops dedicate shelves and shelves of space to both classic love stories and more contemporary variations on this theme. Our course in Romantic Fiction Writing will teach you all the ins and outs of this very descriptive and evocative craft.

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Scriptwriting can be a difficult market for beginners, but it can also be the highest paid. The problem is that scriptwriting demands more than straightforward writing skills. The would-be script writer must understand the medium and develop the know-how to write for the visual as well as obtaining effect from the sound of words.

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Writing a Novel

This course has all the ingredients to enable you to master the techniques of writing a novel. During the course, you will chart the entire process of bringing the popular genre novel, whether it’s mystery, science fiction, fantasy, romance, techno-thriller, or something else into life. This course has all the ingredients to enable you to master the techniques of writing a novel which will not only satisfy you the author, but the reader and publisher as well.

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Writing for Children

Writing for children is a special skill in its own right. Children’s stories must appeal to young, lively imaginations, whilst being easy to follow but never condescending. The biggest difference between writing for children and writing for adults is that children are the more critical audience. And children are avid readers, hence there is a big and growing market in stories for children of all ages.

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Writing Saleable Articles

To be a published writer is one of the most rewarding occupations or pastimes – both financially and creatively – that you can imagine. It is also an activity for which there is an enormous demand. Editors and publishers are always on the lookout for new writers and fresh ideas. The advantage with writing articles is that you have the greatest chance of experiencing that thrill.

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Writing Short Stories

Conversations overheard. Offbeat relatives. The News. Childhood adventures. Family sagas. Strangers and strange scenes. Holidays, romances, daydreams and lies. There’s fiction here.Life is rich with ideas and characters for good stories. With the Writer’s Craft Short Story Course, you’ll learn how to make the most of them.

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