Types of Interior Decorating

Types of Interior Decorating

There are many types of interior decorating. This is a profession that spans across a variety of styles, jobs, duties and study directions.

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Types of Interior Decorating, Interior Decorating Courses, The Learning Group

Different types of jobs

Working as an interior decorator can land you in a number of professional positions. These might include:

  • Home interior decorator
  • Office or corporate interior decorating specialist
  • Showroom decorator
  • Retail décor sales assistant
  • Writer for a décor, fashion or lifestyle magazine
  • Interior decorating consultant

Depending on where you work and what you work with, you will require different skills. A home decorator might focus more on understanding the psychological needs of clients, while a showroom decorator might need to be an expert in marketing.

You might also work in a variety of positions, or be given particular duties as an interior decorator. Some decorators work for large companies, while others have their own businesses or offer freelance services. In a large company, you might be part of a team and be allocated specific tasks. Working for yourself, on the other hand, will mean being responsible for everything, from making mood boards to organising furniture deliveries.

Because this is a highly creative field, individual decorators often develop their own approaches or specialities. All interior decorators do not do the same jobs, nor do they do jobs in the same way. This is a profession in which you can truly express your own creativity.

Different styles

Interior decorating styles and trends are as diverse as the cultures of the world. Most decorators need an expert grasp on all of these.

Interior decorating styles can include:

  • Minimalist
  • Classic
  • Rustic
  • Retro
  • Contemporary
  • Funky-chic
  • Eclectic
  • Different national styles such as French  or English

Types of Interior Decorating, Interior Decorating Courses, The Learning Group

Despite your personal preferences, as an interior decorator, you will always need to be on top of local and international fashions and trends in this industry.

Different study directions

At The Learning Group, we offer a variety of courses in interior decorating studies. These will not only teach you how to work in a number of different styles, but will also teach you about the various aspects of interior decorating.

We provide an array of different courses to cover the many elements of interior decorating. You can take a look to see which one will suit your needs best:

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