Is Beauty Therapy a Good Career?

Whether beauty therapy is a good career path or not will depend on your own expectations and requirements for a good career.

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Beauty therapy is a flexible career path, because there are so many options. As a beauty therapist, you will always have room for growth. You can start out working for someone else, and later decide to open your own salon or beauty therapy business. If you open your own business, you can choose to run it from your home, or to rent a commercial space and to employ other beauty therapists to work for you. You also have the option of travelling the world while working as a beauty therapist on a cruise ship.

career in beauty therapy can be very rewarding on a personal level, because it gives you the opportunity to make people feel beautiful and relaxed, as well as to increase their self-confidence. In most cases, you are also able to see the results of your work immediately, which is quite satisfying.

How do I start my career as a beauty therapist?

There are no set regulations for becoming a beauty therapist in South Africa. However, studying a beauty therapy course will help you to acquire some of the knowledge and skills that you will need if you want to work in this field. It will also count in your favour if you can state on your CV that you have completed a course, as employers in the beauty industry look at a combination of qualifications, experience and personal characteristics when they hire new employees.

At The Learning Group, we offer the following range of beauty courses via distance learning:

Short Courses

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Advanced Certificate Courses

Diploma Courses

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