Beauty Therapy Career Paths

Your career in beauty therapy will start with obtaining the relevant theoretical and practical training. In South Africa, there are no fixed requirements for pursuing a career as a beauty therapist.  It is up to you to decide how you want to go about acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills. If you decide to study a course, you may want to think about the career path that you want to follow before you choose your course. This will give you the opportunity to choose a course that is most likely to help you achieve your career goals.

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There are quite a few different career paths to choose from in the field of beauty therapy. Here are some examples:

  • Working as a beauty therapist at a beauty salon, hotel, resort or spa.

  • Working as a beauty therapist on a cruise ship.

  • Working as a beauty therapist/make-up artist on a film set or in a theatre.

  • Working as a beauty therapist/make-up artist in the fashion industry.

  • Managing or owning a beauty salon.

What do beauty therapists do?

The job description of a beauty therapist varies according to the working environment and the area of specialisation. If you work as a beauty therapist in a beauty salon, for example, you may be required to perform additional administrative tasks, such as answering the phone, making appointments, keeping the reception area clean and tidy, or offering refreshments to clients. If you run your own beauty salon and you have employees, you can delegate these tasks to them.

In general, however, beauty therapists are required to:

  • Advise clients with regard to appropriate treatments.

  • Explain the treatment procedures to clients.

  • Perform various treatments for clients.

  • Maintain a clean and tidy working environment.

During training, an aspiring beauty therapist will learn the skills and techniques involved in performing various types of treatments. They will usually also learn how to conduct themselves professionally in a salon environment.

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