Writing Saleable Articles

Writing articles is certainly the quickest way for the newcomer to get into print. Thousands of magazines and local press titles have editors looking for fresh material every week. This market has given many of our students their first acceptance letters. After you have had a few such articles accepted you could become a commissioned writer – and break into the world of freelance journalism.

This course teaches you how to research your market to evaluate types of reader and reader aspirations, to understand editorial tone of voice and to get the right angle, style and atmosphere for each market. You will learn how to find new ideas for articles, and how to find new slants on old ideas. This can involve researching, fact gathering, even interviewing, all of them are covered in this course. Your tutor will also show you how to construct your article, how to develop your own style, how to adapt your style for different markets, and how to shape your material.

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You’ll discover how to work up your article headlines, develop your leads and endings and put together a great looking submission package. Your tutor will also show you how to prepare your finished manuscript, and the best way to approach editors.

Whatever you may wish to write about, from cookery to stamp-collecting from photography to the bizarre local customs, the same basics apply.

There are literally thousands of periodicals distributed throughout South Africa and the world, all of them survive from the input of freelance contributors.


So, what are you waiting for? Let Writer’s Craft hand you the key to your success in the profitable area of article writing.


Entrance Requirements

Basic literacy skills and a passion for writing!

Program Duration

Recommended 12 months of study

Programme Outcomes

• The fastest way to writing success – The market for articles – Marketing your work – Writing for a specific market
• Commas – Colons, semi-colons – Dash – Hyphen – Apostrophe – Quotation marks – Capital letters – Paragraphs – Sentences
• Children’s textbooks – Reference books – Historical publications – Holiday guides – Specialist publications
• Back to basics – The angle – Types of articles – Getting things in order – Libel, defamation – The use of excerpts
• What have we covered? – Journalism – Typical, significant, encourages understanding – Good news articles

For a Detailed Course Structure, please click here.

Assessment and Award

On completion of your course, you will be awarded a Certificate in Writing Saleable Articles.


Please note that this programme is not registered on the NQF, and as such it is not a credit-bearing programme

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