The craft of scriptwriting is what our course is all about and will provide in detail the nuts and bolts of writing scripts, and will give you the “How-to’s” that will reward your efforts with professionalism and expertise rather than amateuristic inexperience.

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Your tutor will show you how to develop your scriptwriting to enable you to see your script from the producer’s viewpoint. Formation of the fundamental idea, the sources from which this may be found and the essential qualities that must be present. Fascinating tricks of the trade that are applied instinctively by professionals are revealed in order that you the student can learn to utilise them to give your work a professional edge.

You will be taught the importance of timing and – often difficult for the writer – when to use silence; the building of characters, basic do’s and don’ts, dialogue, discipline, rewriting, polishing and titles. Plotting, as a scriptwriter also has its own requirements. The plot often evolves as you develop a theme, a situation or even a character. Working with your tutor you will learn how to construct your plot from a single central idea.

Characterisation techniques are again different from print; so you will learn how to characterize through action rather than narrative. And, perhaps most important of all, you’ll learn how to write effective dialogue.

Every part of the Writer’s Craft Scriptwriting Course reflects the needs and realities of today’s television, film, stage and radio industries, providing you with insight as well as practical knowledge.

Entrance Requirements

Basic literacy skills and a passion for writing!

Program Duration

Recommended 12 months of study

Programme Outcomes

– Scriptwriting steps – Outline, treatment, rough draft, polished second draft o Formatting your script o shooting script
– Writing for radio – Interviews – Radio plays – Dialogue – Characterization – Radio news – Marketing
– Writing for television – Structure – Subplots – Half hour serials – Dialogue – Layouts – Glossary of terms – Formats
– Telemovies – Sitcoms – Soaps – Stage – Markets
– The feature film – Beginning – Act one – Act two – Act three – Re-writes – Agents

For a Detailed Course Structure, please click here.

Assessment and Award

Once you have successfully completed the necessary assignments prescribed by the Learning Group, you will be awarded a Certificate in Scriptwriting.


Please note that this programme is not registered on the NQF, and as such it is not a credit-bearing programme.

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