Study Presentation Drawing for Interior Designers

Studying presentation drawing is an important part of becoming an interior designer. Being able to create an accurate representation of a finished product is something that can be expected from any designer.

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Study Presentation Drawing for Interior Designers, Interior Design Courses, The Learning Group

What is presentation drawing?

Presentation drawing refers to the sketches or artwork made by an architect, engineer or interior designer to give a client an idea of what a finished product will look like.

Unlike blueprints or floor plans, presentation drawings are drawn in three-dimensional perspective and are usually done in colour or with shading. These drawings are meant to advertise or sell the design, as well as to show its visual qualities and to promote its particular merits.

Presentation drawings need to be accurate and to scale. They also need to convey a sense of realism through mimicking the building materials or including elements such as people, vehicles and trees.

Digital presentation drawing

It has become more and more important for architects and designers to be able to work with 3-D modelling software for presentation drawing.

3-D software such as Google Sketch-Up is useful not only in compiling your models and designing your interiors, but also in presenting them to clients.

Study Presentation Drawing for Interior Designers, Interior Design Courses, The Learning Group

Study presentation drawing with The Learning Group

Though many of our courses in interior design studies include elements of presentation drawing, we also offer the following:

In this course, you will learn all about:

  • Terminology used in design and drawing
  • How to interpret technical drawings
  • Drawing to scale
  • Converting rough sketches to presentation drawings
  • Drawing in two-point and three-point perspectives
  • Using Google Sketch-Up 3-D modelling software

The Learning Group offers you a unique chance to start building your career in the interior design industry. Even if you are already working as an interior designer, this course will help you develop your skills even further. The Learning Group’s purpose is, after all, to help improve your future.

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