What is Interior Design Studies?

To become a professional interior designer, you’ll need the right kind of training. The best way to get such training is through interior design studies. Taking a good course in interior design will teach you everything you’ll need to know in order to start building a successful career.

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The Learning Group offers the following courses in interior design studies:

Become an interior designer

So how do you become an interior designer? Unfortunately, this is not something you can do overnight. Though interior designers need to be very creative, they also need to do a lot of technical work. To become an interior designer, you will need to be able to:

  • Read building and floor plans
  • Make technical drawings
  • Create precise and scaled presentation drawings
  • Use 3-D modelling software
  • Manage design projects
  • Work with specific building materials
  • Utilise and understand architectural and structural principles

As an interior designer, you must also be able to work with lighting, colour, furniture and interior décor. You’ll need a firm grasp of all the design elements, as well as of the different stylistic trends.

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Moreover, to become a professional in this industry, you will need to learn how to successfully build a career or even run your own design company.

Luckily, The Learning Group’s courses in interior design cover all the things mentioned above (and more). We want to make it easy for you to study interior design and pursue a career in this industry.

Studying at The Learning Group

The Learning Group offers premium interior design courses via distance learning. These range from short certificate courses to full diploma courses.

There are many types of interior design jobs you can do. We offer a wide a range of courses that will cover many of the different fields. We’ve also created programmes that focus on specific industry-related skills:

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