Starting Your Own Interior Design Business

Starting your own interior design business can be extremely challenging. To help you along the way, here are some expert tips on how to start your own company in this industry.

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Starting Your Own Interior Design Business, Interior Design Courses, The Learning Group

5 Tips for starting an interior design business

1. Find your focus

What’s going to set your business apart from the other businesses out there? To succeed, you need to be able to offer a unique product or service.

Give this some serious thought: what is your selling point? Maybe you could specialise in a certain design area?

2. Develop a marketing strategy

Because you will be tasked with designing stylish interiors, clients will look at how you present yourself as an indication of the quality of your services.

Marketing yourself is very important. Think about networking, advertising and professional presentation.

3. Start building a portfolio

Building a good portfolio and collecting client referrals is an important element of getting your design business up and running. It is for this reason that many interior designers only start their own companies once they’ve made a name for themselves through long and industrious interior design careers. Start building your professional repertoire today!

4. Go for training

You will need to develop essential skills and knowledge to be a good interior designer. To make sure your business is successful, you must be able to offer quality services to prospective clients.

Starting Your Own Interior Design Business, Interior Design Courses, The Learning Group

The Learning Group offers numerous courses that will teach you the fundamentals of interior design and entrepreneurship.

5. Study up on business practices

You will not only have to be a great designer, but also a business-minded entrepreneur. You will need to manage finances, logistics, marketing, and much more.

The Learning Group offers the following course for this purpose:

This course will teach you all about starting and building your own interior design company. You will learn about the industry, as well as about marketing yourself, writing a business plan, managing taxes and networking successfully.


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