A Career in Interior Designing

A Career in Interior Designing, Interior Design Courses, The Learning Group

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Starting a career in interior designing can be an exciting undertaking. Read on to find out what working in interior design will be like and how you can start building a successful career.

What will working in interior design be like?

Interior designers are trained professionals who often work with large corporate or commercial clients. As an interior designer, you can work on a freelance basis, or for a design consultancy, or for an architecture firm. You can even start your own interior design business, like many other professionals eventually do.

Interior designers usually work in design studios, yet they spend a lot of time on location. They do highly creative yet technical work. This can range from creating presentation drawings to surveying interior construction.

An interior designer can also be expected to:

  • Do research work
  • Liaise with architects and contractors
  • Create interior finishes
  • Offer client consultations
  • Do interior furnishing and decorating
  • Manage budgets
  • Create and maintain project scheduling
  • Do technical drawing

A Career in Interior Designing, Interior Design Courses, The Learning Group

Interior designers work long hours, but earn good interior design salaries. There is also ample opportunity for an interior designer to work his or her way up to a senior or partnership position within a design firm or consultancy.

Starting your career

The best way to get into this profession is by obtaining formal training and a qualification. This will make finding your first interior design job much easier.

Once you’ve secured initial employment, you will start building experience. You might even benefit from on-the-job training to help advance your career. Before long, you’ll have made a name for yourself, or worked yourself up to a comfortable position within a company.

Building a career in interior design requires a lot of creativity, hard work and special training. For this reason, The Learning Group offers a wide range of interior design courses for you to take.

Studying with The Learning Group

Take a look at the following courses we offer in interior design:

The Learning Group is a premium distance learning college. This means that we offer accessible quality education to anyone and everyone in South Africa.

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