Interior Design Courses

A good course in interior design teaches you more than just how to do a technical drawing or how to select furniture. The Learning Group’s range of courses will teach you everything you’ll need to know: from 3-D modelling and the history of architecture, to presentation drawing and how to start your own interior design business.

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Interior Design Courses, The Learning Group

Take a look at The Learning Group’s selection of distance learning courses in interior design:

Interior Design Courses, The Learning Group

What is interior design?

An interior designer plans, designs and decorates interior spaces. These spaces can range from private living rooms to large conference centres and restaurants.

Interior designers provide clients with design solutions. Interior designers need to ensure that interior spaces are both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.  They create beautiful and practical environments through working with the structural and architectural features of a building.

Interior designers often work alongside architects and contractors. They are involved in everything from conceptualising spaces to selecting building material and eventually furnishing the interiors. They also:

  • Do research projects
  • Offer client consultations
  • Come up with design concepts
  • Choose design and décor styles
  • Draft technical drawings
  • Read and interpret architectural plans
  • Create presentation artwork and 3-D models
  • Compile and manage project budgets
  • Select paint, furniture, décor and interior finishes

Interior designers are highly skilled and respected professionals. They have a unique understanding of design elements, interior decoration and architectural styles and principles.

The difference between interior design and interior decorating

Interior decorators are more concerned with surface aesthetics, while interior designers concentrate on the physical design of spaces. This does not mean that interior designers do not work with furniture, paint, textiles and accessories as well.

decorator might select a certain style for a home and buy the necessary furniture and trimmings to transform the interior accordingly. An interior designer, on the other hand, will focus more on the building style and the purpose of the space, as well as on things like structural elements and the lighting arrangements.

Interior Design Courses, The Learning Group

Another big difference is that interior decorators mostly work with homes and residential interiors. Interior designers are more often involved in commercial or corporate situations. They work with the interiors of hotels, offices, restaurants, business premises and retail spaces.

Studying interior design with The Learning Group

Interior designers need very specific training. There is an array of technical skills that you’ll need to master in order to work in this profession. To start your interior design career on the right foot, you’ll consequently need to take a high quality course in interior design.

Here are some of the things you’ll be able to learn to do in interior design studies with The Learning Group:

  • Read and interpret architectural blueprints
  • Do technical drawings
  • Use 3-D modelling software
  • Create presentation artwork
  • Do market research
  • Create and build your own business
  • Market yourself
  • Work with patterns, colour, style, composition and other design elements
  • Understand different construction materials
  • Understand building and architectural principles
  • Understand ventilation, waterproofing, roof covering, plumbing and electrical circuiting
  • Conceptualise designs
  • Furnish and decorate interiors
  • Build a portfolio
  • Manage design projects
  • Compile budgets and project schedules
  • Work with specialised interiors such as those of restaurants, kitchens and hotels

The Learning Group is a distance learning college. This means that you can complete any of our courses from home through correspondence. You can even maintain a full-time job while studying.

We provide you with tutors and academic support throughout your studies. Whether you are new to interior design, or you want to improve your professional skills, we want to help you realise your dreams!

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