Part-Time Interior Decorating Courses

Distance learning allows you to study at your own pace. This means being allowed to complete your interior decorating course through part-time studying.

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Do you want to:

  • Maintain a full-time job while studying?
  • Be able to fix your own study schedule?
  • Look after your family without letting your studies come in the way?
  • Study at a relaxed and comfortable pace?

Whatever your reason for wanting to study part-time, The Learning Group affords you this opportunity. We make studying part-time possible through offering our interior decorating courses via distance learning.

Interior Decorating Courses Part-Time, Interior Decorating Courses, The Learning Group

Interior Decorating Courses

You can study any of the following as part-time courses through The Learning Group.

Interior Decorating Courses Part-Time, Interior Decorating Courses, The Learning Group

The interior decorating courses we offer vary in duration. Whether you take a short certificate course, or the longer certificate course, you will have the opportunity to complete it in your own time through part-time studying.

How will part-time studying work?

Because you will be studying on your own with a personal tutor, you are not expected to study at the same pace as a whole class. This is your course and you determine the pace.

Distance learning means individual supported learning through correspondence. You will be sent study material and you will be assisted by a tutor throughout your studies. It is important to note that taking your course part-time will not have an effect on the quality of service you will get!

The Learning Group aims to offer you quality education, regardless of where you are or what kind of time constraints you have.


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