Certificate in Photography

Getting a certificate in digital photography is a great way to develop your skills and even to start making some money as a photographer.

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Where can I study towards a certificate in photography?

The Learning Group offers the following certificate course in digital photography:

The Learning Group is a distance learning college. This means that we offer our courses through correspondence education across the whole of South Africa. Whether you live in Cape Town, Durban, or Polokwane, you will always get the same level of educational service from us.

Through distance learning, you can study from home at your own pace. You can even take your photography course part-time if you want to maintain a full-time job while studying.  You can click on the button below for more information about the benefits of studying with The Learning Group:

What will I learn?

Our course in digital photography is designed to help you develop your photographic skills and increase your technical knowledge. This course will teach you how to:

  • Work with your digital camera.
  • Take amazing photographs using visual art principles.
  • Edit your photographs using computer software.
  • Make money from your photographs.

You will also learn about complex technical aspects of photography and digitalphotography tools and equipment.

What will I be able to do once I have a certificate in photography?

Going for training is a great way to start your career in photography. Though you will need to build experience before becoming a real professional, taking a certificate course in photography will help you start this journey.

Employers usually look at your experience and your portfolio to get an indication of your level of skill. Having a certificate in digital photography on your CV will still, however, be extremely beneficial when looking for that first job.  Moreover, at The Learning Group, we aim to:

  • Teach you new and useful skills.
  • Help you grow your creativity.
  • Improve your future prospects.

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