Part-Time Photography Courses

Taking a photography course through part-time studying is a great way to develop new skills without interrupting your personal or work life. Part-time studying allows you to:
  • Study while having a job.
  • Study a subject that you are passionate about, but which you do not want to pursue as a full-time career.
  • Study at your own pace and in your own time.

Can I study part-time photography courses via correspondence?

With The Learning Group, you can study anysubject on a part-time basis through correspondence. We offer all our courses through distance learning. This means you can take a photography course from anywhere in South Africa and complete it in your own time while studying from home. The Learning Group offers the following distance learning course in digital photography: We want to make studying as easy as possible for you. This means that we allow optimal flexibility when it comes to the duration of your studies.

The benefits of taking a photography course part-time

Photography lends itself to part-time studying for numerous reasons:
  • Many photographers have full-time jobs and do photography on a freelance basis. Likewise, studying photography part-time will allow you to keep your full-time job.
  • The best way to sharpen your skills is through constant practise. Part-time studying will give you plenty of free time to take your camera out in between learning.
  • Part-time studying allows you to gain valuable work experience while you are busy completing your formal training. There is nothing to stop you from getting a job or doing some freelance photography while you are studying.

Correspondence courses vs. online courses

You might wonder whether taking a correspondence course is the same as taking an online course in photography. Though both are a type of distance learning, correspondence courses offer additional benefits:
  • You receive physical course material by post.
  • You use your course material to study from home, instead of relying solely on online resources.
  • You don’t need constant access to a computer and the internet to study.
  • You are allocated to a personal tutor upon enrollment. Your tutor will be available to you via e-mail, Skype and telephone.
Correspondence colleges often also have more academic credibility than online colleges. This is because correspondence learning has been around for so much longer. At The Learning Group, we have a reputation for student service. We aim to provide you with excellent digital photography training through our distance learning programme.

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