Short Course Certificate in Interior Decorating Detailed course structure

Decorating Principles and Elements

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– Balance
– Rhythm
– Scale
– Proportion
– Emphasis
– Harmony
– Line
– Space
– Shape and Form
– Texture
– Pattern

Upholstery and Window Treatments


– The Development of Upholstery
– Upholstered Furniture
– Is the Piece Worth Re-upholstering?
– Categories of Upholstery Fabrics
– Pattern and Colour
– Guidelines When Choosing Fabrics
– Loose Covers

Window Treatments

– How and Where Do You Start?
– The Function of Window Treatments
– Suitability of Mood and Style
– Harmony, Scale and Quality
– Types of Window Treatments
– Types of Shutters
– Screens
– Curtains and Draperies
– Curtain Headings
– Curtain Hardware
– The Effects of Sunlight on Window Treatments

Basics of Interior Decorating

– Colour
– Pattern
– Lighting
– Wall Finishes
– Ceilings, Friezes, Cornices and Ceiling Roses
– Floor Finishes
– Finishing Touches

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