Short Course Certificate in Business Practice for Interior Designers Detailed course structure

Business Principles and Business Plans

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– Personal Appearance
– Business Etiquette
– Creating a Client Brief
– Presentation Skills
– Product Procurement
– Understanding the Building Process
– Developing a Business Plan

Project Management and Financial Control 

– Project Scheduling
– Drawing up a Project Schedule
– Establishing Service Levels
– The Importance of Additional Time Allowances
– Managing the Project and Site
– Planning and Scheduling Trades
– Establishing a Project Budget
– Budget Checklist
– How To Draw Up a Payment Schedule
– Basic Record Keeping
– Calculating Your Fees and Commissions
– Income Tax and VAT
– Invoicing Clients and Suppliers

Marketing Your Business

– Market Research
– Identifying Your Target Audience
– Marketing Your Business
– Website
– Business Cards
– Networking
– Effective Use of Media
– The Importance of Word of Mouth
– Social Media in Marketing Your Business

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