ICB National Certificate: Bookkeeping (Junior Bookkeeper)

College:The Learning Group
Course:National Certificate: Bookkeeping (Junior Bookkeeper)
School:Business School
Programme Type:Partner Programme
Partner Institute:ICB – The Institute of
Certified Bookkeepers
Award Type:National Certificate
Award Issued by:FASSET
Accredited by:FASSET
SAQA ID:58375
NQF Level:L3
Course Duration:18 – 20 months
Entrance Criteria:Grade 10, No prior Accountancy knowledge is necessary

What is Junior Bookkeeping?

Junior Bookkeeper is primarily responsible for, amongst other functions:

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• The completion of the monthly bookkeeping function to trial,
• Supplier statement reconciliation
• Inventory systems and bank statement reconciliation,
• Calculation of PAYE / SDL / UIF remuneration and the monthly EMP deductions and completion of the monthly EMP201 returns,
• Completion of annual IRP 5, IRP 6 and IT 3a documents, EMP501 and VAT201 return using both manual the manual submission system and E-filing.

Entrance Requirements

Grade 10, No prior Accountancy knowledge is necessary

Programme Duration

Recommended 18 – 20 months of study

Programme Outcomes

In order to complete the National Certificate in Bookkeeping, students must complete all of the following Subjects:

Bookkeeping to Trail Balance
Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns
Computerised Bookkeeping
Business Literacy

Assessment and Award

Assessment is based on the submission of a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) which will comprise of 3 formative activities, 2 formative evaluations and one summative assessment. PoE assessment comprises formative / interim assessment of activities (assignments) and evaluations (tests) that count 30% towards the total mark. A Summative Assessment (final exam) contributes to the remaining 70% of your marks. The PoE is basically a file containing all the evidence necessary for a learner to be declared competent against the relevant outcomes.


Please note that this programme is accredited by FASSET.

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