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How can I succeed as a home study student?

We all learn in a different way, and understanding your own learning style will help you to succeed in studying via a home study college.

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Here are a few useful tips for studying from home via distance learning:

  • Do not try to learn a new technology and the course material at the same time. Make sure that you know how to use a computer before you start your course.

  • Try to stay on schedule with your assignments and tasks. Do not procrastinate!

  • Set aside a quiet area in which you can study without being disrupted.

  • Ask for help when you need it – there are tutors waiting to assist you.

It is also good to have a strong support system at home to make your learning environment more comfortable.

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Features of home study

The Learning Group is an established home study college, and boasts many of the features that make home study a great option:

  • Flexibility: There are no classes to attend. You are free to schedule your studies around your existing lifestyle.

  • Academic support: You can contact your tutor at any time if you need help with your course work. Your tutor will be available via telephone, e-mail and Skype.

  • Quality course material: The Learning Group provides you with quality learning material that is specifically designed for independent study.

What do I need to look for when choosing a college?

There are certain things that you need to take into consideration when choosing a home study college, such as:

  • Level of education: Are you satisfied with the level and standard of education that is provided?

  • Availability of courses: Does the college offer the course that you are interested in?

  • Support systems: Does the college offer you adequate academic support, for example through tutors who are there to help you throughout your studies?

  • Location: Are you able to study from anywhere in the world?

  • Payment options: Does the college offer you a choice between monthly payments and upfront payment in full?

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