Certificate in English Language Skills

What is English Language Skills?

The Learning Group course in English Language Skills is aimed at those people for whom English has not been learnt as a first language. The course material has been written and prepared by Stan Irwin, whose teaching experience has been obtained in England, West Africa, Germany and Australia.

Entrance Requirements

Basic literacy skills and a passion for success!

Programme Duration

Recommended 12 months of study

Programme Outcomes

• Lesson 1 – Simple Sentences
• Lesson 2 – Verbs: The doing words
• Lesson 3 – Nouns: The naming words
• Lesson 4 – Pronouns: The useful alternative
• Lesson 5 – Adjectives: Describing words
• Lesson 6 – Adverbs: Words that modify
• Lesson 7 – Comparisons
• Lesson 8 – Capitals and Punctuation
• Lesson 9 – Spelling is so Important
• Lesson 10 – Plurals
• Lesson 11 – Mid-course Test
• Lesson 12 – Complex and Compound Sentences
• Lesson 13 – Common Errors in English Usage
• Lesson 14 – More Punctuation
• Lesson 15 – More Verbs: Objects and Predicates
• Lesson 16 – More Verbs: Tense, Voice, Agreement
• Lesson 17 – Pronunciation: The Correct Way to Speak
• Lesson 18 – Direct and Indirect Speech
• Lesson 19 – Contractions: Using the Apostrophe
• Lesson 20 – Descriptive Writing: Paragraphs

How does this work?

• We start with The Learning Group Orientation Pack – this gives orientation and motivation for learners.
• Then each lesson consists of an audio CD and worksheets.
• The CD runs for about 20-30 minutes, but as it progresses you will be asked by the tutor to shut it off occasionally and refer to your worksheets. It is this combination of explanation by audio CD plus exercises in your worksheets that makes progress so easy.
• You should be able to complete the full lesson in about 2 hours, after which a special exercise in pronunciation is undertaken.
• This is so that by the end of the course each student should not only be speaking English well, but also be using correct pronunciation.

Assessment and Award

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will be awarded a Certificate in English Language Skills


Please note that this programme is not registered on the NQF, and as such it is not a credit-bearing programme.

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