Diploma in Massage Techniques Detailed Course Structure

Introduction to Business English

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• Introduction to communication
• Non-verbal communication
• Business writing
• Speaking, listening and reading skills
• Meetings
• Presentations
• Work readiness

Anatomy and Physiology

• About Anatomy and Physiology
• Cells and tissues
• Skin, hair and nails
• The skeletal system
• Muscles and the muscular system
• The lymphatic system
• The nervous system

Professional Salon Skills

• Personal presentation
• Effective communication
• Verbal communication
• Non-verbal communication
• Observation skills
• Communicating and working together
• Written communication
• Salon services
• Dealing with customer complaints
• The Receptionist – communicating telephonically
• Assessment techniques and questioning the client
• Questioning techniques
• Face mapping
• Contra-indications
• Contra-actions
• Hygiene and avoiding cross-contamination
• Personal hygiene
• Salon hygiene
• Client hygiene

Business and Office Administration

• Office equipment and ergonomics
• Filing systems and record management
• Reception duties
• Dealing with customer queries
• Travel and events management
• How to manage yourself in the workplace
• Banking, cash control and the business information manual

Introduction to Massage

• Introduction
• Understanding massage
• Getting ready for massage
• Body therapy and aftercare
• Hand and foot massage
• Preparing for massage
• Hand massages
• Foot massages
• Massages for all ages
• Caring for hands and feet
• Indian head massage
• An ancient art in a modern world
• Healthy body, healthy mind
• Indian head massage techniques

Excellence in Service: Basic

• Customer service fundamentals
• Customer service skills
• Customer management
• Customer communication

Networking for Success

• Understanding successful networks
• Building networking relationships
• Refining your professional presence
• Bell ringing telephone techniques
• Networking via e-mail and the internet
• Networking power of self promotion
• Special networking challenges


• Entrepreneurship and small business management in perspective
• Key success factors of entrepreneurs
• Basic business concepts
• The business environment
• Identification of feasible small business ideas
• The development and evaluation of business ideas
• Determining the feasibility of the business idea
• The viability of a business idea
• Perform a viability study for a proposed business idea
• The business plan
• Setting up a business
• Factors to consider when choosing the location of a business

Financial Management: Basic

• Basics of accounting
• The accounting cycle
• The income statement
• The balance sheet
• Other financial statements
• Budgeting

Full Body Massage Techniques

• Basic Skills and Techniques
• Back, neck and shoulder massages
• Leg and Arm massages
• Abdominal and rib massages
• Self massage techniques
• Oils and massage

Excellence in Service: Advanced

• Service standards
• Service teams
• Customer loyalty

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