Diploma in Hospitality Interior Design Detailed Course Structure

Interior Decorating for Hospitality Interior Designers

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– Furniture Styles and Movements
– Decorating Principles
– Design Elements
– Colour
– Pattern
– Lighting
– Insulation, Heating and Cooling
– Wall Finishes
– Ceilings
– Floor Finishes
– Window Treatments
– Upholstery
– Finishing Touches


– Natural Fibres
– Synthetic Fibres
– Natural Yarns
– Synthetic Yarns
– Threads
– Weaves
– Knits
– Textile Finishes

Introduction to History of Art

– Establishing a Timeline
– Ancient Art
– Classical Art
– Modern Art

Basic Drawing for Hospitality Interior Designers

– Basic Terminology Used in Drawings
– Industry Layout for Technical Drawings
– Interpreting Building Plans and Elevations
– Understanding Scale and Proportion
– How to Draw a Page Border and Title Block
– Drawing a Rough Sketch
– How to Convert a Rough Sketch to Scale and Produce a Drawing to Scale

Project Management and Business Practice

– Creating a Client Brief
– Presentation Skills
– Product Procurement
– Project Scheduling and Time Management
– Understanding the Building Process
– Establishing a Project Budget
– Building your Own Business
– Basic Accounting Practice for Your Business

Building Construction

– Understanding Building Materials
– Understanding Elements of a Building
– Waterproofing
– Forces and Loads
– Importance of Energy Efficiency
– Ventilation
– Effects of Natural Elements on a Building
– Fire Protection

History of Hospitality Design and Hospitality Architecture

– Architecture Timelines
– Architectural Styles and Movements
– The Development of Hospitality Architecture
– Influential Hospitality Designers and Architects of the 20th and 21st Centuries

Introduction to Technical Drawing 

– Defining Technical Drawing
– Drawing Equipment and Instruments
– Lines
– Architectural Script
– Symbols and Abbreviations Used in Drawings

Advanced Technical Drawing

– Types of Drawing Plans
– The Building Site
– Detailed Section Drawings
– Detailed Floor Plans
– Detailed Elevations

Hospitality Interior Design 

– Understanding the Difference Between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators
– Understanding Ergonomics
– Designing Interiors For The Disabled
– Environmentally Responsible Interior Design
– Health and Safety
– Defining Hospitality Interior Design
– Hotel Projects
– Lodge Projects
– Spa Projects

Presentation Drawing for Hospitality Interior Designers

– Introducing Perspective Drawing
– Rendering a Drawing
– One Point Perspective
– Two Point Perspective
– Three Point Perspective
– How to Draw an Interior in One Point Perspective

Google Sketch-Up 

– Introduction and Setting Up
– Basic Tools and Icons
– Intermediate Tools and Icons
– Furniture and Individual Pieces
– Advanced Tools and Icons
– Colours, Textures and Materials
– Making the Most of Sketch-Up

Interior Architecture 

– Project 1 – Ah That’s Better
• Design the Ultimate Luxury Hotel Room
– Project 2 – Relaxing in the Bush
• Design an Upmarket and Exclusive Bush Retreat
– Project 2 – Take a Break
• Design an Ultra Cool Day Spa
– Project 4 – The Wow Factor
• Design a Unique Concept for the Interior of a Hotel Lobby

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