Digital Photography Tips

Here are some great digital photography tips that will help you become the best photographer you can possibly be:

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10 Essential photography tips

    • Invest in a good tripod: Nothing is more important than getting a good tripod! In the meantime, however, you can lean against a wall or use a bag of rice to stabilise your shots.
    • Make a habit of double-checking your battery and memory cards: There is little worse than running out of power or space at the most crucial point of a photo shoot. You might miss an amazing shot, just because you aren’t used to double-checking your equipment.
    • Get to know the manual settings: Digital cameras make it much too easy to take pictures using automatic settings. Though this is a great way to get started, learning how to read and adjust your manual settings will turn you into a professional-level photographer.
    • Always shoot more than you need: Shoot from different angles and in burst-mode. A slight shift in light on one shot might make the difference between an average picture and an award-wining photograph.
    • Learn how to change lenses safely: To avoid getting dust particles in your camera, switch your camera off before changing lenses. This will remove the static charge from the light sensors inside and prevent particles from being pulled in. Also keep the lens-opening pointed downwards and away from the wind when changing lenses.
    • Buying your first filter: Get a polarising filter to fit onto your lens. This filter will have the greatest effect on everyday photography. It will remove glare and give outdoor scenes a more vibrant contrast and texture.
    • The early bird gets the worm: Photography is the art of light. Many photographers (especially nature or wildlife photographers) get up before dawn to get the perfect shot. It is just after sunrise (and just before sunset) that gives you the most amazing luminosity to work with.
    • Don’t just zoom in, move a little closer: Getting closer to your subject makes a very definite difference in how you frame and shoot it. Don’t just use zoom all the time.
    • Converting your photos to black and white doesn’t automatically make them art: Great black and white photographs are taken with special emphasis on the interplay between formal elements. You will need to approach contrast and texture in a different way than when you are taking colour photographs.
  • Go outside and get inspired: Take your camera and go walk around in nature, in your city, or even just down the street. This will teach you to start noticing details and to look for inteces.resting shots in everyday scenes. You will also become more comfortable with photographing people and public spa.

Where to find more tips relating to photography

For more tips on digital photography, do a simple web search for ‘digital photography tips’ or ‘digital photography tutorials’. You might also want to look for specific instructions regarding the technical aspects of digital photography: shutter priority, hyperfocal distance and AF settings. Look for credible sources, however, as the internet can be full of unreliable information.

For something more substantial than just tips, tricks, tutorials and photography basics, you might want to take a look at our course in digital photography:

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