Digital Photography Training

Obtaining good training in digital photography will teach you a number of important things: you will learn all about the equipment used in digital photography, as well as how to take spectacular photos and how to edit them like a true professional.

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Moreover, getting the right photography training can be your first step towards a career in this direction.

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What does digital photography training involve?

Photography is both an art and a science. Adequate instruction is thus important if you want to master this medium. Digital photography training will teach you a number of things, such as how to:

  • Work with your digital camera and use its different settings.
  • Understand technical aspects of photography, such as aperture and pixilation.
  • Work with digital photography equipment, printers, computers, and files.
  • Manipulate, correct, and edit photographs using photo-editing software.
  • Take amazing pictures using the principles of composition, contrast, balance, line, and perspective.

A good photography course, whether a comprehensive or short course, will help you develop skills and confidence in this medium. Whether you want to start building a career in photography, or merely practise it as a hobby or art form, getting good training will go a long way towards helping you achieve your goal.

Where can I train to be a photographer?

There are numerous colleges in South African that offer photography courses. The Learning Group is one of South Africa’s premium distance learning colleges and offers the following programme in digital photography:

The Learning Group has been teaching creative courses, like digital photography, for over 30 years now. We’ve always aimed to provide impeccable educational services to our students. Giving you a great learning experience and great digital photography training is our top priority!

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