Comprehensive Writing Diploma


Every selling writer, was once a complete beginner. They became successful partly because they really wanted to write and partly too because they learnt HOW to use those “tricks of the trade” which result in saleable writing. . . technical processes which our course puts at the newcomer’s finger-tips … processes which can make you a published writer.

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In order to acquire these skills, you do not need any special educational qualifications or background knowledge. Successful writers have come from all walks of life. Our Comprehensive Writing Course is comprehensive in both senses of the word. This Course gives you complete technical control over all saleable prose forms. The single highly practical, detailed course gives you thorough instruction in:

Article Writing, Novel Writing (including Detective Fiction), Short Story Writing, Play Writing, Non-Fiction Writing, Radio Writing, Writing for Children andTV Writing. In short, the one Course gives you a comprehensive knowledge of professional prose-writing techniques – “the ways, methods and devices of getting a desired end” – in all forms of saleable fiction and non-fiction.

Take for example the essential technique of Plotting that you are taught. The Plotting process is typical of our sure, factual, crystal-clear Teaching Techniques. Twelve straightforward logical steps enable you to produce a sound plot whenever you wish…. a plot to suit any particular market you have in mind. Prom desired emotion to theme- from Key Character to plot-units to the building of a gripping climax – each step of the process is mapped out for you in specific, helpful detail.

Our aim is to open your eyes to all the opportunities available for writers today by exploring the whole field and all the markets available. As you progress through the Course, you discover where your talents lie and the School guides you through to the point where you are writing for publication.

We give you 20 writing assignments to complete during your course. After the first two, which are pre-set and common to all students, your assignments are allocated individually according to your progress and writing ability. From then on, you have plenty of “real life” writing to do. This writing you can submit for publication as soon as your tutor advises and you feel comfortable

Entrance Requirements

Basic literacy skills and a passion for writing!

Program Duration

Recommended 18 months of study

Programme Outcomes

This highly practical, detailed course gives you thorough instruction in:

– Article Writing
– Novel Writing
– Short Story Writing
– Play Writing
– Non-Fiction Writing
– Radio Writing
– Writing for Children
– TV Writing

Assessment and Award

Once you have successfully completed the necessary assignments prescribed by the Learning Group, you will be awarded a Diploma in Comprehensive Writing.


Please note that this programme is not registered on the NQF, and as such it is not a credit-bearing programme.

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