Can I Complete My Matric Online?

Yes, you are able to complete your matric course online.

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The Adult Matric programme is a Distance Learning course that allows students who did not pass matric or did not write matric at all to work towards getting their matric certificate.

If you did complete your matric and would like to rewrite, you could also do a Matric Rewrite Course.

If you had some subjects you needed but you did not the results you were looking for, you can consider a Matric Upgrading course.

Online matric allows adult students to set their own schedules, which means that they can work and study at the same time.

Amended Senior Certificates

  1. Once you have completed the Adult Matric course, you will be awarded with an Amended Senior Certificate. This is an award that is on the exact same level as the matric certificate obtained after finishing traditional matric.

Once you have completed your matric studies and passed your exams you would be able to further your studies by doing accredited courses such as Business Management Courses, Marketing Management courseOffice Administration Courses, Legal Secretary Courses or  Educare Courses.

What Is The Difference Between Adult Matric And Traditional Matric?

There are some differences between the two programmes:

  • You can choose in which period you would like to do the course
  • Pass requirements are different
  • Adult Matric does not involve any physical classes, so you will not get any class marks
  • There are fewer subjects in the Adult Matric programme
  • Entry requirements are different

Adult Matric Through Distance Learning

One of the educational bodies that offers the Adult Matric programme is Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. 

All of your studies will be done online. You only need to write your final matric examination at a DHET exam venue.

Another option is to do a Matric Upgrade course through distance learning if your would like to upgrade your marks.

If you would prefer to further your studies without matric there are many accredited No Matric Courses for you to choose from at Bellview Institute of Distance Learning.

You can apply right now to do your Matric Course at Matric College. They offer the matric course via distance learning in English. You will be able to study with them anywhere in South Africa to achieve your academic goals. 

Matric College makes learning easy! We offer an improved educational experience with exceptional attention to our students.

  • You can study from home
  • We offer individual help
  • We have caring staff
  • We are easy to connect with

Adult Matric At Bellview: Accreditation

Bellview’s Adult Matric course has the following accreditation details:

  • Programme: National Qualification
  • SAQA ID: 49647
  • Course title: Amended Senior Certificate
  • Award achieved: Senior Certificate
  • NQF level 04
  • Accredited and issued by: Umalusi

There is no accreditation process necessary for educational institutions that offer the Adult Matric course. As an educational institution, Bellview Institute of Distance Learning does not need to undergo an accreditation process.

The Institute itself is, however, fully accredited to offer high quality courses. The award you will receive upon completing Adult Matric is fully issued and accredited by Umalusi. They also offer Matric Equivalent Courses.

Requirements For Adult Matric Applications

You can apply for an Adult Matric course if you:

  • Have a grade 9 certificate (or a certificate that is equivalent to grade 9)
  • Have an incomplete matric status (stating that you did not pass matric or that you did not write matric)
  • Are 21 years old or older by the time you need to write the final exam

How Long Does The Programme Take To Finish?

You can choose to finish the programme in one of the following time frames:

  • 12 months (recommended)
  • 24 months (recommended)
  • 36 months

You will be able to start the Adult Matric programme at the age of 19, but you must be 21 or older when you write your final matric examinations.

Benefits Of Having A Matric Certificate

You will gain the following benefits from having a matric certificate:

  • There is a higher acceptance rate for internships
  • You can further your studies through a Distance Learning course
  • Having a wider range of career options and a better likelihood of getting employed
  • You can apply for a university course if you pass the programme on a Bachelor’s Degree level

Some of the Distance Learning Courses you could choose to study are any of the General Management Courses, Secretarial Courses, Financial Management Courses, NATED Business Management Courses, NATED Marketing Management Courses, NATED Educare Courses or ICB Business Management course offered by Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. These courses will provide you with a nationally and internationally recognised qualification, as well as the necessary tools and skills to effectively manage a business. This will open up many more employment opportunities for you. If you’re looking to study something else, Bellview offers an assortment of Management Courses which you might find interesting

Do Universities Accept The Amended Senior Certificate?

Yes, universities accept Amended Senior Certificates. You will need to get a Bachelor’s Degree Pass for the programme to meet the minimum application requirements.

There are also other entry requirements for university that you must meet. When choosing the Adult Matric course, you should make sure that you choose the correct subjects for the course you want to apply for. You also need to get higher marks for a better chance of getting accepted.

Apply For Adult Matric With Bellview

You can apply for Adult Matric with Bellview by:

Author: Karla Nortier
Editor: Megan Dreyer
Date Published: December 2, 2021

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