Beauty Therapy Salary

There is no fixed salary for beauty therapists, because their job descriptions, workload and responsibilities vary.  You may be the owner of your own beauty salon, which could be a big company or a small business run from home. Or you may be employed as a beauty therapist at a hotel, resort or spa. Or you may work on a cruise ship. Where you work will impact your monthly income.

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Some employers will pay you a fixed monthly income, while others will offer you a basic salary plus commission. If you are lucky, you may be given an annual bonus.

According to PayScale, the following is an indication of what beauty therapists earn in South Africa:

  • Average salary: R 69,991 per year

  • Bonus:  R 486 – R 10,174 per year

  • Commission: R 11,798 – R 48,834 per year

  • Salary range: R 32,282 – R 229,529 per year

(Source: – 10 March 2014)

If you work on a cruise ship, you will probably be paid in dollars or euros. When you return to South Africa, you will have to pay tax on all the money that you earned. You therefore need to calculate how much money you will be able to take home after deductions for tax and other expenses. If you simply want to work on a cruise ship for experience, then it might not matter if you don’t take home a large sum of money, but if you want to do it to make money, then you need to do your calculations carefully. The same considerations apply to working in any other beauty therapy positions overseas, unless you are relocating permanently.


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