Beauty Therapy Jobs Abroad

career in beauty therapy is competitive. It is even more competitive if you are considering going to work overseas. If you feel strongly about working abroad as a beauty therapist, then you should give yourself the best possible chance to secure a job that you will love. Ask yourself the following questions:

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  • Do I want to work on a cruise ship?

  • Do I want to work in a hotel, at a resort, or at a spa?

  • Do I want to work on a film set or behind the scenes in a theatre?

  • Do I want to work in the fashion industry?

These are possible job opportunities that you could pursue overseas. It will be easier to find a job once you have narrowed down your options.

You are strongly advised to study a course in beauty therapy and to get some practical experience before you apply for positions abroad. In South Africa, there are no formal requirements for becoming a beauty therapist, but the situation is different overseas, Depending on which country you plan to work in, you may need a license to work as a beauty therapist. You will need to do some research to find out about the licensing requirements that apply in each country.

Practical considerations:

You will need a visa or work permit in order to work abroad. If you are not sure how to acquire these documents, you can either do some research on the internet, or contact a recruitment agency to ask for their assistance. A recruitment agency will also be able to help you find a legitimate job overseas.

The salary expectations for beauty therapy jobs overseas will differ greatly from the local salaries. You need to make sure that your anticipated salary will cover your living expenses overseas. You also need to make sure that you are aware of the tax implications of working in a foreign country. Depending on how much time you spend working overseas, you may still be required to pay tax in South Africa.

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