Interior Design Salary

The level of salary you will earn throughout your interior design career will depend on a number of important factors. These range from experience to your level of training.

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What level of salary can I expect?

Entry-level interior designers make an average of R109 610 per year in South Africa. Working yourself up to a senior position in a firm or consultancy may, however, mean a much larger pay cheque. Senior interior designers in South Africa can make up to R415 557 per year.

(Source:, 11 February 2014)

It should be noted that this is statistical data that might not reflect reality once you start working. Here are some factors that will, however, determine your level of income in the future.

Important factors


Experience is one of the biggest things that will influence your income. As already stated, senior designers make much more than entry-level designers. As you continue working in this industry, you will start building experience, and gradually you will be able to earn more.

Place of work

The company or firm you work for will also determine how much you will get paid. Working for a renowned architecture firm or design consultancy in Johannesburg might mean a higher than average starting salary. Such positions are often difficult to secure, however. These companies usually want only the best designers working for them. If you work hard, this might be you!

If you don’t want to depend on an employer for your salary, remember that starting your own interior design business is also an option.

Job title

Your level of salary will depend on what kind of role you will be filling. An interior design project manager will earn much more than an assistant designer, for example. You might also be assigned to a specific duty on an interior design team, such as technical drawing or budget supervising.

Skills level

Your skills level and training will also be an important factor. The more skilled you are, the more you are likely to earn.

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